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The Cold Year of Creation

“The Cold Year of Creation” chronicles a year in the life of a brilliant geneticist on the verge of a scientific breakthrough which could alter the course of humanity forever... (Available in Paperback, Amazon Kindle, and ePub)

A Thousand Creeping Things

"A Thousand Creeping Things" collects over 18 short tales of the fantastic, terrifying, and just plain weird...(Available in Paperback, Amazon Kindle, and ePub)


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Author Collin Landis has been writing weird fiction and comics since he published his first book at age 6. Needing a home for his disparate and varied works, Collin started as a shadowy lair for his creative exploits. His first short story collection, “STRANGITIES: Volume 1” received a perfect five-star rating on Goodreads from readers, and his work has been described by fans as “The Twilight Zone of Print”. Collin resides in Glendale, Arizona.

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