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  • The Cold Year of Creation

    “The Cold Year of Creation” chronicles a year in the life of a brilliant geneticist on the verge of a scientific breakthrough which could alter the course of humanity forever. As the experiments ...

  • Merch: Sharkaphant

    Ah, the majestic Sharkaphant, chief cryptid amongst all others. Revered here at STRANGITIES for its ability to both crush AND devour you at the same time. Get your shirt featuring this lost ...

  • Interview: James Ninness

    I met James while wandering aimlessly through Arizona Comicon in 2012. I, a clueless author of words without pictures was adrift in a sea of costumes and ink trying to understand how one might ...

Human Capital

  I first met Lady Zipperface on a street in Utsunomiya, Japan after he transported me from my home through what he called his "telepresencer device." Though put off by his initial forward behavior, I nonetheless accepted his invitation to sushi, being employed as a lowly Associate at the time with ...


...You Can't Live Without

What I Read in 2015

2015 was the year I discovered Goodreads tracking feature.  I’ve kept a log of what I read throughout the year since 2013, but it’s so much more gratifying to have Goodreads lay it all out for you. I hope you’ll find something ...

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What I Read in 2014

In 2014 I kept track of the books I read throughout the year for the first time. I thought I would share this list with my fellow Strange Ones who may need new brain fodder. 2014-01-06 NOS4A2 – Joe Hill 2014-01-19 Battle Royale – ...

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The 2014 Halloween Costume Contest

I’m very pleased to announce the third annual Halloween Costume Contest! Here’s how it works: 1. From October 1st until midnight November 2nd, email a picture of you in your snazzy / sexy / fantabulous Halloween ...

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A new STRANGITIES collection is coming in 2014! “A Thousand Creeping Things” by Collin Landis features 18 Tales of the bizarre & fantastic and will be available in both eBook & Paperback! “A Thousand Creeping ...

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New T-Shirt: Candytown

I’ve added a new T-shirt to the STRANGITIES apparel stable: Behold, the Candytown Shirt! Buy Yours Here!

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A Small Push Over The Edge – My New Music Project

  I’ve just put up the first track from my new ambient music project “A Small Push Over The Edge.” Much like STRANGITIES, I’ll be releasing a new track for the project once every month(ish). You can listen/purchase ...

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Announcing the Direct Email List

This may seem forward, but I want in your inbox. When I started I had a simple plan – release everything I wrote for free. As I released new stories, I’d rotate the old ones into paperbacks and ebooks. That provided ...

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Strangities Wallpaper: Blood

How better to decorate your favorite computer system than with a pool of blood in the shape of the logo? Click on the picture to get it full size.

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