A Thousand Creeping Things – A New STRANGITIES COLLECTION

Coming in 2014


The first wave of STRANGITIES merchandise is now available! Get the Logo design in hoodies, t-shirts, and a tank top for the ladies. There’s also a re-useable water bottle and the NEW ‘Candytown’ tee. Visit the ‘Store’ tab or click here to see it all.

Behind Closed Doors

Benecio Ruiz is hearing things…


Curious how the STRANGITIES.com short fiction ecosystem functions?

(1) One new, free strange story every month.

(2) 10 free tales to read ay any given time.

(3) Older stories are rotated off the site and into physical STRANGITIES Volumes.

(4) Visit often, and you get to read everything I write for free!

Want a more in-depth explanation? CLICK HERE.

Darkeworld: Killing Purple

Darkeworld Bureau of Security officer Tom Gospel’s ‘routine’ bust isn’t so routine…

The Elevator

When the doors close… the terror begins.


Did You Hear About Randy?

Cordelia Zelmanova doesn’t know why she’s being asked about Randy the school weirdo her first day of her senior year, but she’s about to find out.

A Song For Phoenixia

A dragon learns she may be the last hope for her race and hatches an inventive scheme to save her people.

Author Interview – James Ninness

I met James while wandering aimlessly through Arizona Comicon in 2012. I, a clueless author of words without pictures was adrift in a sea of costumes and ink trying to understand how one might convert his writing into comic... Read More »
Strangities | 27 March 2014 | Blog | |    


A new STRANGITIES collection is coming in 2014! “A Thousand Creeping Things” by Collin Landis features 18 Tales of the bizarre & fantastic and will be available in both eBook & Paperback! “A Thousand Creeping Things” will be the... Read More »
Strangities | 15 December 2013 | News | |    

Winners of the 2013 STRANGITIES Halloween Costume Contest

This year the Halloween Costume Contest saw entries come in from all over the globe! It occurs to me that many readers may not follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram where I announced the winners. So without further... Read More »
Strangities | 15 November 2013 | News | |    

2013 STRANGITIES.com Halloween Costume Contest

I’m very pleased to announce the second annual STRANGITIES.com Halloween Costume Contest! Here’s how it works: 1. From October 1st until midnight November 2nd, email a picture of you in your snazzy / sexy / fantabulous Halloween costume to... Read More »
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Now Translated Into Russian! The More Mundane Adventures of Blue Stahli

Greetings Strange Ones! You’ve begged and we’ve heard your cries. We are thrilled to announce that with the help of Julian Kaye and the UACellmates Translation Team (@S_Navka & @LeilaVarnava) ALL FIVE episodes of “The More Mundane Adventures of Blue... Read More »
Strangities | 13 July 2013 | Blog | |    

Author Interview – James Mabe

I came across “All The Lights In The World” by James Mabe while reading a subreddit I frequent. He was offering the book up free of charge, hoping to gain some visibility. The smattering of comments on reddit were... Read More »
Strangities | 06 June 2013 | Blog | |    

New T-Shirt: Candytown

I’ve added a new T-shirt to the STRANGITIES apparel stable: Behold, the Candytown Shirt! Buy Yours Here! Read More »
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My Friend’s Nightmares – Vampire

One of my good friends has nightmares. Every. Single. Night. He will often tell me about them, and I thought you Strange Ones would enjoy hearing the unique things his unconscious mind puts him through. Here is his nightmare... Read More »
Strangities | 15 March 2013 | Blog | |    

Happy Valentines Day!

Just like last year, here are your creepy valentines to share with your crush or other odd admiration. But UNLIKE last year, I’ve also put together a very special Valentines Day gift just for you! “Strange Love – A... Read More »
Strangities | 14 February 2013 | News | |    

The Pool – by Sandra Stephens

The new house had a pool.  On sunny days it sparkled like an uncut blue diamond, meeting the blazing eye of the sun glare for glare.  On overcast days it was a gray eye, glistening with unshed tears. In... Read More »
Strangities | 17 January 2013 | Stories | |    
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