Instagram Блеск Facebook Блеск I’m very pleased to announce the third annual Halloween Costume Contest!

Instagram Детейлинг Here’s how it works: Facebook Автостудия Глянец 1. From October 1st until midnight November 2nd, email a picture of you in your snazzy / sexy / fantabulous Halloween costume to Facebook Детейлинг or any of the STRANGITIES social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Instagram Автостудия Глянец go 2. I will post the images submitted to a special photo album on the STRANGITIES Facebook page. ( Feel free to browse and ‘like’ your favorites and hey, ‘like’ STRANGITIES while you’re there!

3. Judges will review the top 30 images with the most ‘likes’ from November 2nd until November 9th, when I will announce the winners and post the winning images to, and notify the winners via email, so encourage family & friends to like you up!


Last year we had an incredible showing of entries from around the globe, so to better serve my international Strange Ones, this year the prize packages will be all digital. Unlike the previous years where there were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize packages, this year we’ll be selecting the top three best costumes and they winners will each receive the ENTIRE prize package! So what do you win?


Pre-release digital Copy of “A Thousand Creeping Things”

Ryan Attard – eBook versions of “Firstborn” “Birthright” and his brand new book “The Pandora Chronicles – Book 1”

Josh Viola – eBook “Bane of Yoto – Second Edition”

James Ninness – graphic novels “Samsara” and “In Sanity, AZ”

James Mabe – eBook “All The Lights In the World”

Curtis Gysen – eBook “The Curse of Creativity”

A HUGE library from AEC STELLAR Publishing including:

Shannon Thompson: eBooks “Minutes Before Sunset” & “Take Me Tomorrow”

Amber Skye Forbes: eBook “When Stars Die”

Jefferey Allen Mays: eBook “The Former Hero”

K.D Keenan: eBook “The Obsidian Mirror”

Sorin Suciu: eBook “The Scriptlings”

Victoria Perkins: eBook “The Dragon Three”


Blue Stahli – Antisleep Vol 1, 2 & 3 ; Blue Stahli ; The Devil

A Small Push Over The Edge

Truc – “Clockwork Constructs” & “Mnemonic Spelunking”

Voxis – “Darkeworld: Project One”


All of these prizes have been generously donated by their incredible creators, and I encourage you to go check out each of them !


Watch this incredible fan-made trailer by Leila Varnava and Amy & Anastezia Beseda!

At this point you’re probably be wondering “and who will be judging my amazingness / who do I need to bribe to win this mother?” Here’s the lineup:

Collin Landis – author,
Bret “Blue Stahli” – musician / rockstar, FiXT Music
K. Clint Metheney – lawyer, professional critic
Curtis Gysen “Truc” – musician, independent

And lastly, the legally stuff:

Obviously, no friends or family members of or the other judges can win this. Judging is totally arbitrary, and not open to discussion or challenge of any kind. Costumes with a STRANGITIES-related theme will automatically get 1,000 extra cool points in my book. I know there are several readers who are awesome cosplayers out there, but for the sake of the contest this needs to be your real-deal halloween costume from THIS year, and not your dope gender-bent Sailor Moon costume from last year’s DragonCon. Winners will be notified of their winningness via the email address their picture is submitted with. will not use email addresses submitted for any other purpose beyond this contest. (Though feel free to sign up in the sidebar to the Direct Email list to get free strange fiction in your inbox the moment its released!) Prize packages are won based entirely on the opinions of the judges.