This may seem forward, but I want in your inbox.

When I started I had a simple plan – release everything I wrote for free. As I released new stories, I’d rotate the old ones into paperbacks and ebooks. That provided my readers the opportunity to purchase what they might have missed, and any dedicated fan would get to read EVERYTHING I wrote for free if they visited often.

Enter social media fragmentation. Now we get our news from Twitter and Reddit. Our friends come from Facebook and Tumblr. And our vacation photos are all Instagrammed.

I release all my news updates almost exclusively on Twitter and Facebook, and 99% of the time I forget to post them to the webpage. And given the nature of our constantly rising timelines, if one of my updates gets missed, it’s GONE. Lost to the world of “sooooo 30 seconds ago.”

So here is my solution: the Direct Email List. Sign yourself (or someone who needs it) up for this baby and every new story I release will go straight between your Penile Enlargement spam and those forwarded cat videos from your grandma. Free strange fiction, right to your inbox. You couldn’t get a better offer from a Nigerian prince!

So what are you waiting for? Sign yourself up. Get free strange fiction. It’s over there on your right.

No, your OTHER right.