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Facebook Детейлинг click Instagram Автостудия Глянец “The Cold Year of Creation” chronicles a year in the life of a brilliant geneticist on the verge of a scientific breakthrough which could alter the course of humanity forever.

As the experiments he’s devoted his life to begin to bear fruit, pressure for greater advancement mounts from the corporate laboratory where he works while his fragile psyche begins to fracture from the strain. Fundamentally certain his success is desperate to the future of humanity, he grows more and more unstable as echoes from his past and failures of his present coalesce into an alchemy of self-destruction.

And while the fruition of his project may turn out more powerful than he ever dreamed, his own psychological collapse could poison the greatest scientific advancement humanity has ever known…

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A Thousand Creeping Things

A Thousand Creeping Things

A Thousand Creeping Things $12.94 (Paperback)

“A Thousand Creeping Things” collects over 18 short tales of the fantastic, terrifying, and just plain weird. Referred to by readers as “the Twilight Zone of print,” “A Thousand Creeping Things” defies both genre and period with stories spanning from ancient Rome to the far-flung futures of humanity. Fans of suspense, horror, science fiction, new weird, or bizarro will feel right at home between its pages.

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A Small Push Over The Edge
Minimalist music designed to be the soundtrack to creativity – or creepy reading.
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